1. 8/25/2014
    Victoria B.

    I have been thinking about learning violin from an early age after being discouraged by my mother.

    I finally decided to do it and started looking for a teacher. Nobody really wanted to start with an adult from scratch because according to them it will never work.

    Doctor Mikhailov was highly recommended by a group of friends.

    I am eternally grateful to Arthur for his kindness, patience and persistence that helped me to overcome insecurity and to believe in myself.

  2. 8/22/2014
    Jimmy L.
    For background, I have been playing violin for almost 12 years since I was 5 years old.

    Master violinist Arthur Mikhailov is one of the best violin teachers in the Bay Area, and for the 5 years I have participated in lessons with him, he has not only been a excellent teacher, but also a personal friend.

    Through his advanced teaching methodologies and never-ending patience, he has improved my violin technique by leaps and bounds. Arthur’s focus on building violin fundamentals vastly improves sound, allowing you to become a better violin player almost overnight. Most importantly, he adapts his teaching style to how you learn, maximizing lesson throughput and skill progression.

    I would recommend Arthur Mikhailov to any serious musician who wishes to reach the pinnacle of violin playing.

  3. 8/17/2014
    Sophia H.
    Piano master Larisa is not only an amazing musician, but also a great teacher. She works tirelessly to ensure you improve and become better at playing the piano. I highly recommend anyone of any skill level to learn from Larisa.

  4. 11/22/2014
    Senzi L.
    My three children have been taking piano, choir, and voice lessons at the Pacific Music Academy (PMA) for two years. I recommend PMA highly.

    First of all, PMA attracts many accomplished teachers and musicians with advanced degrees in music from prestigious music schools to teach at the academy. The school holds an open class when a new teacher is brought in to allow parents and students to find the best fit.

    My daughters enrolled in PMA’s piano program with Larisa Konakova after over a year of laid back learning. Within half a year, Larisa raised them to the first place in the US open piano competition, a result that would not be possible without her teaching.

    Larisa is a masterful teacher. She is passionate about music, and she ignites the same passion in her students. She has an extraordinary ability to communicate the essence of music to her students. She not only shows her artistry and expression backed by her professional Russian training, she also encourages students to explore expressing the same piece in different ways, enabling her students to develop their own appreciation and interpretation.

    Larisa is effective. She does not follow specific piano courses. Her lessons are tailored to each student’s level and needs. She works with students on hand-picked repertoires that have appropriate challenges. Her personalized lessons are the key to her students’ remarkable progress. Larisa strives to raise the bar for her students to reach a level they never thought achievable. Instead of rushing through pieces, she takes time to perfect a piece until her students bring out the intensity and beauty of the music and realize the joy of playing it. This training process is extremely valuable to our children as it can be applied to learning all subjects in their lives.

    Our son began piano in a group class with Nataliya Shishkina. She kept the class of 3 boys on track and provided a good introduction to piano. We then moved to an individual class with Dr. Sergiy Komirenko. Sergiy has been patient, persistent, and maintained a good humor that has kept my son engaged throughout his lessons. My son has been encouraged to find his own intuitive feel for the music, and I am impressed with his progress with his teachers.

    PMA offers ample opportunities for students to perform in various music events. Their students have a formidable set of accomplishments in various music contests including the US Open Music Competition, where they won 20 medals in 2011 and 55 medals in 2014, which ranked them #1 in medals per student in the Bay Area. They also have many students advance to the finest music schools in the nation.

    I am very pleased with our decision to enroll our children at PMA, and we plan to continue there in years to come.

  5. 8/16/2014
    Shirley H.
    Pacific Music Academy is the best place for kids to learn piano. During my daughter’s 5 years studying with its Music Director Larisa Konakova, she has made tremendous progress. 10/10 would recommend for anyone beginning to advanced.

  6. 8/18/2014
    Shirley H.
    When my daughter first started piano group lessons with PMA a couple months shy of becoming 6, I had as many doubts and questions as you do right now as you read through this. Is my money spent on such an expensive instrument a wise investment on my child’s music interest? How do I make sure I find the right teacher who inspires her to play music and in turn to love music? With all my first-time-music-parent concerns, she was welcomed by Ms. Nataliya into the class.

    The class always started with a dancing/clapping song to get the kids’ spirits up, followed by keyboard practicing and basic theory learning. Parents are welcome to stay in the room to observe. Some of the most important foundations both my daughter and I learned include the correct hand position, sitting position, and postures. Time signatures such as ΒΌ note, 1/2 note, and whole note were then introduced and Ms. Nataliya reviewed and practiced counting with the kids every class. The class normally lasted half an hour and at the end of each class, kids danced to the Good-Bye song. Homework was minimal, no longer than 5 to 10 minutes per day.

    By the time my daughter graduated from the group lessons 3 months later in December, she started playing Jingo Bells and I could just tell that she LOVED it because she could now sing to a piece of beautiful music played by herself! 3 months seemed a long time, but once she grasped the basic skills, she progressed much faster in individual lessons taught by Ms. Irina. The individual lessons are very structured. 10 minutes of sight reading, 10 minutes of finger power exercises followed by detailed instructions on pieces carefully chosen by Ms. Irina. Two months after starting individual lessons, my daughter got the opportunity to perform as the one of the youngest students in the PMA Spring Honor Recital. Seeing her going up to the stage to perform confidently in front of a big audience, I knew I had chosen the right place for my daughter’s music education.

    My daughter is now 8 years old and currently studying piano with PMA’s head teacher Ms. Larisa. Deemed as the strictest teacher in PMA and one of the best music teachers in Bay Area, Ms. Larisa never ceases to challenge her students to reach to the next level and be the best among their peers. She works diligently to prepare students for recitals, CM tests and competitions. Those days spent towards these events are filled with frustration, tears, joy, and most importantly accomplishments to the students. One night before the competition, Ms. Larisa worked with my daughter and her partner in duet till 9:30pm to polish the music. The kids will always remember Ms. Larisa’s dedication to motivate them to practice more and achieve excellence through hard work. These memorable moments will hardly ever fade in my daughter’s memory as they encourage her to excel in every aspect of her life. By now, I no longer have any doubt that music will always be a part of my daughter’s life and hope that she will one day use her beautiful music to heal, to entertain, to inspire…

    All in all, PMA teachers are highly professional and have both exceptional education background and extensive teaching experiences. If you are looking for the highest quality music education in Evergreen area in San Jose, you have come to the right place. Last but not the least, PMA is located in the beautiful and affluent Silvercreek community, namely the Canyon Creek Plaza, where we as parents find ease and safety in parking, shopping and dining nearby. (Yes, I am talking about combining grocery errands with piano lessons and grabbing a cup of Starbucks!)

  7. 8/16/2014
    Po K.
    Pacific Music Academy is probably the best academy for musicians who are seeking to learn music from the best. For violin, Arthur Mikhailov is one of the best violin teachers who has ever taught me. I truly recommend anyone who is willing to play an instrument and is looking for a fantastic teacher to guide them as a musician. I have actually been with Arthur for almost 5 years. His teaching helped me become the person I am today. I am going to attend Oberlin College and Conservatory in the fall of 2014 as a freshman.

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